December 9, 2023

There is no lengths Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., wouldn’t stoop to, if she believed it would cause harm to Israel – which brings me to my point.

On June 8, 2004, I wrote a syndicated column titled: “Why Hate The Jews? Good Question.” The article referenced the question I had asked one of my closest childhood and lifelong friends (who happened to be Jewish), over an outdoor lunch at my favorite kosher deli: “Why do people hate Jews so much?” His answer, “Because we are Jews,” had been too succinct to satisfy my inquiring mind. Long after our conversation, I found myself still wrestling with the reality of something so fundamentally devoid of reason.

My friend passed away two years ago. However, upon considering Tlaib, I realize I had asked the wrong question. The question that demands an answer is: How can any reasonably sane person support those who hate Israel and Jews?

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Tlaib et al., who are vocal inciters of hatred against Israel, claim to adhere to a system of belief that holds to the tenets of a pedophile prophet. Everything about them and their core beliefs is based upon lies and hatred. By definition, they are an Erebusic genus of a bipedal mutant metonymic people. Tlaib is given a free pass for calling for the total extermination of Israel on what was formerly known as Twitter.

Arab wrath and hatred is alleged in part to be over a land to which they have never had ownership. Yet, lies to the contrary thrive with the help of American politicians trying to promote a “two-state solution” where it is a historical fact only one has ever existed; albeit politicians are nothing if not pernicious liars, mostly for profit, but also congenitally.

Writing for the Jewish Policy Center, Hussain Abdul Hussain, wrote:

Why There Is No Palestinian State: “A land without a people for a people without a land” is a phrase that gets under the skin of most Palestinians, who think that the authors of the phrase looked at Ottoman Palestine, did not see them, and instead saw an empty land. Yet perhaps this phrase would have made sense if we zoomed in on the meaning of the word “people.”

Whoever coined the phrase that became a Zionist slogan did not use the word people to describe a bunch of humans dwelling on a certain land. People, in this phrase, is used to mean a nation, a state or a nation-state.

Before 1948, the Arabs who lived in Palestine had never organized themselves in a state, but had, for centuries, lived as subjects of empires that ruled them from faraway capitals, such as Damascus, Cairo, Baghdad, and Istanbul. In the history of the Arabs, Jerusalem never served as the seat of any dynasty and never practiced sovereignty. At best, the city served as a provincial capital. In this sense, when the Zionists looked at Ottoman Palestine, they did not see a nation-state. They saw Arab provinces of successive empires, Arab or Turkish. This is why the land looked like one without a people, that is without a nation state.

Hussain’s words are well-known facts that are purposefully ignored for reasons that can only be for the purpose of promoting unrest. But, why, some would ask? I believe it is for reasons of graft, money laundering and profiteering in conjunction with a raw vitriol dating back to Ishmael.

Hussain notes:

“Palestinians cite a U.N. General Assembly (UNGA) resolution to substantiate their claim, even though unlike the Security Council, UNGA’s resolutions have no legal power. … It is also unfortunate that Palestinians blame the failure of peace on Israel’s expansion of settlements in disputed land. The Palestinians never seem to have noticed that it was Hamas’s suicide bombings that obstructed the peace process, until it killed it. Instead of reining in Hamas and proceeding toward peace, [PLO leader Yasser] Arafat was either too weak or too unwilling to do so, forcing Israel to do the policing for him, as Palestinians sat back and claimed victimhood, often by depicting Israeli policing as unwillingness to pursue peace.”

The aforementioned is just the tip of the iceberg of facts that have been concealed from the public/world at large up to this point in time. That said, the operative words are, “facts that have been concealed.”

It must also be noted that Barack Obama is rabid in his hatred for Israel and Jewish people as are those in his personal network, not least of which includes Valerie Jarrett – albeit, her communist ancestry fuels her hatred for America and Israel.

For people who prostitute themselves as being a moral people, it is interesting that Arabs maintain such close ties with people they would kill for such a lack of morality. Granted, Obama did his level best to destroy Prime Minister Netanyahu’s reelection in 2015. Marc Thiessen reported for AEI that a: “Bipartisan Report Finds Obama Campaign Advisor Used Federal Money to Build Anti-Netanyahu Campaign Organization.” Word has it that certain of these taxpayer funded Obamanoids did not return, but stayed in Israel to concentrate of destabilizing her from within.

My question is how does a religion that boasts of such high morality and is openly anti-sodomites embrace Obama? How do they shake hands with and sit at the same table with a person who fantasizes about sex with men in the backseat of limousines? If the women are to be such paragons of virtue, how do they support the likes of a boorish amoral woman such as Rep. Ilhan Omar, who not only sleeps around with married men, but also is reported to have married her own brother?

These facts alone should make a reasonably intelligent public question the validity of everything Arabs argue regarding their right to a land they have never owned; their unprovoked global terrorist acts notwithstanding. But, therein lies the rub. The world leaders and educators aren’t unaware of what I have just detailed.

They are willing to turn a blind eye to these lies and treachery against Israel, because in their minds, supporting lies has substantial financial rewards, and said financial rewards are nearly endless.

So for financial gain and gratification of hatred, American politicians are willing to be pawns of Satan.

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