December 2, 2023
WATCH: Tucker Carlson Bucks Conventional Wisdom About RFK Jr.’s Impact on 2024 Election

Tucker Carlson bucked conventional thinking on Robert Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential run when he said he believed the White House bid would hurt former President Donald Trump and not President Joe Biden.

Kennedy is a lifelong Democrat whose views on issues such as abortion are aligned with the party of his father and uncle.

In spite of his views on issues such as freedom as it relates to vaccines, many believe he could steal votes from Biden to help Trump win a second term — given he is the GOP’s ultimate nominee.

Carlson disagrees, he said recently on the “This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von” podcast.

As he discussed the upcoming election with Carlson, host Theo Von asked Carlson who believes Kennedy would siphon votes from between Biden and Trump.


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“What do you think?” Carlson asked. “Trump.”

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

“There’s no person who’s thinking, ‘Hmm, I’m going to vote either for Joe Biden or Bobby Kennedy,’” Carlson added.

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Von replied that he knew people who are attempting to decide whether to vote for Biden or Kennedy, which surprised Carlson.

The former Fox News host then explained why he believes Kennedy’s campaign will hurt Trump.

“The only reason you would vote for Joe Biden is because you believe there is safety in numbers,” Carlson said. “You’re voting for the party, you’re not voting for Biden.”

Carlson concluded, “You’re voting for the Democratic Party because you think when they have more power you’re safer, or richer or whatever.”

The former Fox News star praised Kennedy for running a clean campaign and that he believes him to be a genuine person.


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“I am totally convinced just on a human level that he is an honest person,” Carlson said. “He’s certainly not in anyone’s pocket.”

Von also asked Carlson if he believes in this day and age a third-party candidate can win.

“No, no,” Carlson said. “It can affect the outcome, for sure.”

Carlson also said he regretted allowing the establishment media earlier in his career to use him as a “tool” to attack Ross Perot during his 1992 third-party bid that helped swing the election to then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton.

But he concluded of Perot, “He won it for Clinton.”

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