December 11, 2023
NewsBusters Podcast: The State of Journalism and Debates with Emily Jashinsky

Emily Jashinsky, director of the National Journalism Center and Culture Editor of The Federalist, discusses the new Dao Prize for journalism and the Pulitzer Prizes awarding top liberal causes, as well as the sad slippage of the GOP presidential debates into the grip of the so-called “mainstream” moderators and their anti-Republican tilt.

Why did the RNC have to agree to a primary political debate with NBC News? What did NBC News do to earn this honor….because the size of their usual audience isn’t a great reason. The journalists at NBC are most concerned about the opinions of their fellow liberals and Democrats. They don’t act like fair and balanced moderators on their own nightly and weekly programs.

We also talked about bipartisan rancor over Sen. Tommy Tuberville placing a hold on military promotions in protest of a Pentagon policy paying for abortion travel for service members. PBS delighted in Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) accusing Tuberville of a “national security suicide mission.” Then David Brooks wisecracked it’s a rare person who could be hated by his entire workplace and still keep going. But he seems willing.” 

We conclude with a little conversation about the future of local news. Are consumers not interested enough in local news? Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.