December 11, 2023

Presumably the great Don Surber hasn’t yet read my forthcoming book Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obama, but based on the latest entry at his Substack, he may as well have.

Racism, Revenge and Ruin revisits the political rise of Barack Obama and lays out why, more than ever, we’re experiencing the devastating effects of his “fundamental transformation” of America. Read the book (it’ll be off the presses next week; you can pre-order herehere or here), and I have no doubt you’ll be convinced of a number of things — three of which are touched on by Surber’s post Tuesday, wherein he discusses the possibility that Team Obama is giving up on Joe Biden and preparing to fire him in favor of Kamala Harris. (READ MORE from Scott McKay: Democrats Love the IRS More Than They Love Israel)

Here’s Surber:

When Palestinians attacked Israel on October 7 — raping, torturing, beheading and even burning to death civilians — Biden waited 48 hours before finally addressing the atrocities, perhaps delaying in the hope of Israel doing something so he could blame both sides. Israel did not provide that opportunity for a yabut response to the rape, torture and slaughter of civilians by the Palestinian military.

So instead, Biden said, “In this moment, we must be crystal clear: We stand with Israel. We stand with Israel. And we will make sure Israel has what it needs to take care of its citizens, defend itself, and respond to this attack.”

He posted a couple of aircraft carriers in the area — the Reagan and the Ford — and offered an aid package to Israel, although that aid was just wrapping for his next gift to his ATM, Ukraine, as the popularity of this war declines.

This infuriated the anti-Semitic racist who put Biden in the Oval Office, Barack Hussein Obama, who is now seeking to oust Biden and install Kamala Harris as president via the next stolen election. Anyone else would be an admission by Democrats that they screwed up in 2020. She’s an idiot? Doesn’t matter.

This would signal agreement with one of the key tenets of Racism, Revenge and Ruin; namely, that even nearly seven years after leaving office, Barack Obama remains the true power behind the throne in America. But for the risk of unnecessarily offending Trump supporters, I would call this the fourth term of the Obama presidency; it’s clearly at least the third, and if you credit the shadow Deep State government that existed to sabotage Donald Trump throughout his four years in the White House, you’re looking at more than 15 years of Obama overtly or covertly existing as the most consequential political figure in America.

Surber also touches on a specific facet of something the book discusses in greater detail:

The split is between the Obama wing that wants Israel erased from the river to the sea and Democrats who want to be re-elected.

As Axios said, “Part of President Biden’s political team is in turmoil over the Israel-Hamas war, as some aides see the White House as abetting an immoral attack on Palestinians — while others believe Biden is showing “moral clarity” in protecting Israel from terrorists.”

The media definitely supports the from-the-river-to-the-sea anti-Semitism of Palestinians. The media forgives and forgets the October 7 atrocities that ended the ceasefire that the Palestinians who broke it demand Israel restore.

NBC said, “As the humanitarian crisis in Gaza worsens and the death toll among Palestinian civilians continues to rise, there is growing concern among top Biden administration officials about how the Israelis are carrying out the war and uncertainty about whether they can be reined in, according to two current and two former senior U.S. officials familiar with the internal discussions.

“Some administration officials also are worried that the U.S. could become more and more isolated on the world stage over President Joe Biden’s close alignment with Israel — and that he will be blamed for some of the Israeli military’s actions, according to three current and former officials.”

The people quoted are Obama’s moles.

Surber is couching Obama’s animating animus as hatred for Israelis and Jews in general, and that is evident, not just in his recent statements equivocating between the bloodthirsty thugs of Hamas and the Israel Defense Forces that are now charged with the bloody, nasty work of routing them out of Gaza. That equivocation — or worse — was central to Obama’s presidency; it was on display in how he treated the Israelis when Hamas made war against them, and it was certainly on display when he sent Hamas’ benefactors, the Iranian mullahs, pallets full of cash, ostensibly in settlement of old claims but far more obviously to fuel the intifada and murder of Israelis. (READ MORE: Obama Joins the Chorus of Voices Calling for Israeli Restraint)

But that treatment was of a piece with a greater hatred. Obama wasn’t just an anti-Semite or an “anti-colonialist.” He’s far worse than that.

Barack Obama doesn’t just hate Israel; he hates America — and Western civilization in its totality.

Only someone who despises our society would offer this quote amid the hostage-taking, beheadings, rapes, and depraved carnage of Hamas:

And, so, if you want to solve the problem, then you have to take in the whole truth, and you then have to admit nobody’s hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree.

What does that mean? Other than that, yes, America’s hands aren’t clean because, thanks to the efforts of one Barack Hussein Obama and his political allies and minions, we’ve funded both sides of the Israel–Arab conflict rather than standing with our allies against the barbarians and, thus, have given hope to Hamas that they might ultimately make “from the river to the sea” happen through means of murder.

I could have — I have, actually — written an entire book on the subject of Barack Obama’s outright hostility to the American way of life, but, as Israel is as close an outpost of our brand of civilization as anyone will find in that part of the world, you’re seeing right now an unmistakable display of that hostility. (RELATED: Netanyahu Is Churchill; Obama Is Halifax)

The last point from Racism, Revenge and Ruin that is evident in Surber’s piece is the open disdain for public opinion and the wishes of the American people that Barack Obama has brought into vogue among Democrats. One more excerpt, this discussing the insurrection-style pro-Hamas protest in Washington over the weekend:

Totalitarian regimes often stage such protests to fake public support. In this respect, this regime is no different than Kim Jong Un’s.

Politico reported, “Fears are growing paramount among Democrats over President Joe Biden’s standing one year out of the 2024 election.

“And within the party, there are emerging concerns that his support for Israel in its war against Hamas is weakening him among key parts of his party’s base.

“Americans’ attitudes are shifting quickly about the conflict, and a lot could change between now and next November. But as Israel batters Gaza in response to the Palestinian militant group Hamas’ October 7 bloody attack, Biden’s Democratic Party is fracturing over the war.

“A series of New York Times polls released Sunday is likely to supercharge the worries among some Democrats about the political fallout from Biden’s handling of the conflict. Those polls showed Biden trailing former President Donald Trump in five of six battleground states among registered voters.”

Rasmussen polled the question and returned the result that 78 percent of the American people see Hamas as a terrorist organization. The vast majority of the American people want nothing to do with the pro-Hamas fifth column being openly sanctioned by Team Obama.

The vast majority of the American people want nothing to do with Kamala Harris as the next president, either.

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But what the vast majority of the American people want, or don’t want, is absolutely, positively of zero concern to Barack Obama and his Kalorama Kabal.

Surber notes that we’re saddled with Kamala Harris, Karine Jean-Pierre, and Ketanji Brown Jackson, three of the most important people in the federal government, on the basis of sheer racial/sexual bean-counting. If you think that was Joe Biden’s idea, the old “racial jungle” bigot who used to drop cringe-inducing lines on race relations one after another before every word of his public appearances became scripted with note cards and teleprompters, you aren’t paying attention. Are any of these people, or the overtly racist hiring processes that produced them, even remotely supported by the American people?

Of course not.

Does Obama, the power behind the throne, care?

No more than he cares that Americans oppose the insanity and corruption of the Green New Deal, defund-the-police radicalism, the deliberate effort to break down our social infrastructure by the importation of millions of destitute, unskilled, third-world migrants, and the woke DEI abuses going on all over the country — all of which are the products of Team Obama’s leadership in the Democrat Party.

He doesn’t care because he has ultimate confidence that the neo-communist political machine that he has built in urban America can carry any electoral day. By whatever means are necessary. No matter how heavy a lift.

You don’t matter to Barack Obama. He gave up trying to persuade you of anything long ago. He wants your compliance, not your assent, and he’ll do what it takes to get just that. Even if that means foisting the cackling imbecile Kamala Harris on you as your puppet president.

There’s a great deal more in the book. But Surber and I are already on the same page when it comes to the Hamas war and its potential effects on the Biden reelection effort.

You can preorder Scott McKay’s upcoming release, Racism, Revenge and Ruin, here.