December 5, 2023

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November 7, 2023

“Duck Dynasty” star Miss Kay Robertson recently became emotional while discussing the stunning success of “The Blind,” the feature film telling the real-life story of life with husband Phil Robertson.

Robertson spoke with CBN Digital on the heels of “The Blind” raking in more than $16.8 million to become the most successful film in Fathom Events history, expressing her joy at getting to share her personal story of God changing her husband’s heart.

The “Duck Dynasty” matriarch said she recently “teared up” while talking to her son, Willie Robertson, about the movie’s success, and often finds herself getting emotional pondering God’s goodness at how positive and incredible her story ended up.

“It’s just amazing,” she said. “I just can’t believe it. … I knew that if people could hear it, see it, learn the story, that we could help people, and so far you wouldn’t believe how many responses we’ve had about marriages that were broken, they’re going back together, they’re trying to make it work.”

Robertson added, “We’ve heard over, and over, and over good things that have come from it people that have come to Jesus that never would [had they not] seen that movie.”

She also responded to reports of scores of baptisms among recovering addicts and those struggling with poverty after these individuals have watched “The Blind,” expressing her elation over how God has used the film.

“The Lord is just doing more things than I ever thought could happen through our movie,” Robertson said.

As CBN Digital previously reported, “The Blind” certainly pulls on viewers’ heartstrings. Long before their A&E glory days, the Robertsons struggled in their marriage, with Phil finding himself lost, aloof, disconnected from his wife and children, womanizing, and dependent on alcohol. The movie dives deep into these realities.

Phils journey of leaving the mess behind and embracing Jesus and Kays quest to forgive provide the heartbeat behind “The Blind.”

The matriarch told CBN Digital she remembers feeling “completely hopeless” before Phil found Jesus and turned his life around.

“Praise God, it all worked out and [my kids] wound up with a good dad and it did work out,” she said, encouraging fans to realize God operates “in His time.”

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“[God] did do exactly what I wanted him to do but, it took 10 years and I know other people that have lived through it a lot longer than I have longer than 10 years,” Robertson said. “I know He’s in control.”

As for why she and her family decided to candidly tell their story in “The Blind,” Robertson said she believes it’s important to be honest and truthful even about life struggles.

“Once I take off and tell, it’s almost like you’ve been freed of something, like Satan wanted that hidden in you and you to be ashamed of it,” she said. “And all of a sudden, then the Lord said, ‘No, tell it, and help somebody else.’”

Robertson said sharing the story and helping others has made it feel as though she “won a victory.”

“The Blind” was released on digital Nov. 3 and will be released on Nov. 14 on DVD/Blu-ray.

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