December 5, 2023
Psycho Freak Complains About Being Deadnamed in Court Documents

Cry me a river!

Danielle Tatiana Muscato, born David, was just charged in Boone County, Missouri for one count of stealing and two counts of harassment. Now, David is throwing tantrums online after he was “deadnamed” in the official court documents. 

Muscato had a warrant out for his arrest on September 26 after he allegedly financially abused his parents on three separate occasions, Reduxx reported. Supposedly, he also demanded his mom pay him $10,000 “cash in an envelope” and threatened her with consequences if she didn’t comply. Other instances included Muscato attempting to blackmail his parents and charging $1,089 to his parents’ Missouri Country Club account.

Muscato also reportedly “groomed” a woman “in an effort to have her become his sexual partner,” Reduxx noted. Apparently other women had similar experiences with Muscato. He’s also an avid Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporter, and he’s incredibly vocal about his trans activism.

“Some women have penises. If you’re bothered by this, you can suck my dick,” he once tweeted on International Women’s Day.  

Now, Muscato is pissed about his old name, David, being used in court documents.

In a video shared to Libs of TikTok’s Twitter page that’s now been viewed over one million times, Muscato lost his cool. 

“I’m kind of speechless,” he began, “I just learned that with my court case here, they filed the charges in my deadname.”

Muscato claimed he changed his name to Danielle Tatiana six years ago and was in shock that the court used the name David.

“It’s an offensive thing to do,” he said, later calling it “transphobic.” 

“I’m really pissed off about it,” Muscato continued, explaining how he felt about the documents calling him David and mentioned that he made the judge order a name change to the documents. Funnily enough, the documents did change, but instead of being changed to Danielle Tatiana Muscato, they changed his name to be Danielle Brian Muscato. Brian is supposedly David’s old middle name. 

Naturally this pissed Muscato off even more.

“I’m so pissed. They were told to fix this because this is insulting and offensive to trans people and inaccurate and they didn’t! They f**ked it up again! There’s no way they’re this incompetent” he said.

Through lots of aggressive arm movement and bulging veins he added “I’m so angry. There’s no way this is an accident. They’re sending me a message that I cannot expect fair treatment in this courtroom as a trans woman.”


This is just another example of how delusional the woke mob can make you. This is an unemployed man who deserves jail time, not the attention, compassion and support that he’s seeking. 

If you didn’t believe it now, believe me when I say that transgenderism is a mental illness.