December 9, 2023

When the young woman tore down a flyer supporting Israelis kidnapped by Hamas, she probably thought she could take the leaflet down — basically muzzling someone else’s speech — and never have to explain herself.
If so, she was wrong.

  “Most of the people I see taking down the flyers tend to be younger, they don’t know the history of the region.”

“#BRING THEM HOME NOW!” read the invitation to a prayer vigil for the release of the Hamas hostages. And really, who could argue with that? Not even the woman who ripped the flyer off a Montclair, New Jersey, utility pole. (READ MORE from Debra Saunders: Doom Loop City of San Francisco)

The man who posted the announcement, Shai Goldman, asked the young lady to explain why she took down his flyer. He also used his phone to record their exchange, which he posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. The woman’s response — and that of a man at her table — was priceless. They would not — could not? — answer the question.

Instead, they repeatedly told Goldman, who is Jewish, to “go away.” They used the F-word. A lot. And they told Goldman — they called him “dude” — that what they did was not his business, which is inaccurate. They took down his sign.

“Because it doesn’t need to be there,” the woman mumbled at one point.

How uncool, they must have thought, for someone to post reminders of the murder of more than 1,400 Israelis, as well as the torture/murder of children and kidnapping of old people.

At one point, a passerby inserted himself into the dispute. Here’s this couple enjoying bagels, he scolded Goldman, so why was he in their business?

They took down my sign, Goldman replied.

“Not that big of a deal,” the stranger responded.

Similar exchanges have been reported across the country. There is a segment of under-35 America that responds to contrary viewpoints, not with a robust argument, but with a shrug and a whine. (READ MORE: Poster Wars)

“Most of the people I see taking down the flyers tend to be younger, they don’t know the history of the region, are ignorant on the complicated topic, are impressionable and lack critical thinking skills,” Goldman reacted. “Some are just hateful.”

Do they not know about the Holocaust? Or do they not care?

Debra J. Saunders is a fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Chapman Center for Citizen Leadership. Contact her at [email protected].