December 11, 2023
Surveillance Cameras and Whistleblower Keys to Cracking Connecticut Ballot-box Stuffing Case - The Thinking Conservative
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Ballot-Box Stuffing in Bridgeport CT September 12, 2023

Activists’ claims of widespread voter fraud were bolstered by video evidence of illegal ballot box stuffing that caused a judge to order a redo of a primary.

It took conscience, courage, cameras, and a court to overturn the results of the corrupted Sept. 12 Bridgeport, Connecticut Democrat mayoral primary election.

The conscience and courage came from the as-yet-unidentified whistleblower who provided the incriminating footage to the public.

The video is public property. Nonetheless, the Bridgeport Police Dept. is conducting an investigation to find out who leaked it and to determine if the action constituted any criminal wrongdoing.

The cameras surveilling the drop boxes belong to the city of Bridgeport and are monitored by the city police.

The Superior Court judge that invalidated the election wrote that his decision came down to “the practical and common-sense application of the law to the facts of the case.”

“The volume of evidence in this case, including the many hundreds of hours of video surveillance disclosed and accepted, is, perhaps, unprecedented in the State of Connecticut in an election case,” wrote Judge William Clark in his Nov. 1, 2023 decision to nullify the election’s outcome and order a redo.

“The videos are shocking to the court and should be shocking to all parties,” he said.

The defendant in the case is Town Clerk Charles Clemons.

Judge Clark noted that all parties in the case agreed that the many hours of video were authentic.

He wrote that the issue of fact that the court had to decide was whether, based on the record as presented, enough ballots were mishandled to conclude that the reliability of the results of the election was seriously in doubt.

The court concluded that based on the video footage, documents, and testimony in the case, there were enough absentee votes mishandled by unauthorized people to make it impossible to determine the legitimate winner, and therefore, the judge declared the Democrat primary election for mayor of Bridgeport invalid.

Judge Clark gave the parties ten days to agree on a date for the new primary.

Criminality Tolerated for Years

Overt cheating by illegally harvesting absentee ballots and stuffing stacks of them into drop boxes has been going on in Connecticut since the remote ballot receptacles first came into use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Steven Kovac

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