December 11, 2023
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There are varied definitions of what constitutes “an infiltrator”. Two common ones include:

– someone who assumes a position covertly for the purpose of deceiving others of an opposing group

– an intruder (military) with hostile intent such as the soldiers within the Trojan Horse

What triggered me to write this piece is this from history:

Thinking of our Jewish brothers and sisters in the news these days: Did you know progressive liberals were all in favor of the formation of Israel as a Jewish State in 1948 with no regard for Palestinians at that time? So, what caused them to do a 180 degree turn in 75 years? Infiltrators!

Religious Institutions

The first time I became aware of this infiltration phenomena personally was in 1988 with the formation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). The church I grew up in, the American Lutheran Church (ALC), was to merge with the Lutheran Church of America (LCA), the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada (ELCC), and Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). On the surface, it sounded like a very good thing. Interestingly, at the last moment the LCMS pulled out and it was just the ALC, LCA, and ELCC to come together.

I learned later they did so because of the acceptance and normalization of homosexual, transvestite, and lesbian behavior within the church including that of the clergy in the pulpit leading the church. Due to the instant blowback the sexual practice part of the agenda was put to bed for a while. My pastor told me not to worry about it as he felt the issue was put to bed for at least the next 20 years.

Imagine my surprise in 2008 when the issue came up again. A 15 member ELCA task force produced a statement on “Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust”. Two positions it took up were that of homosexuality in the church and homosexual clergy being allowed to lead in the church. In August of 2009 both were passed without a majority vote of the congregants. I walked away from my life-long church that summer.

The reasons why I did so were twofold; Unlike most Lutheran’s, I have studied Martin Luther in depth and I can state unequivocally were he alive today, he would demand the ELCA remove his name from his church. My logic holds that a man who hated the Jewish people of his time in no way would embrace the sexual deviants of society today. The second reason is a book that was given to me back in 2004 titled “The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today”. The last 20 years since the publication of that book many of its predictions for the future have come to pass. This book speaks heavily on “infiltration”.

Political Institutions

What caused 10 Republicans to vote to impeach Republican President Donald J. Trump when none of them could explain what he had done wrong? The Russian collusion narrative was a proven hoax of the opposing party. So why did they first side against Trump and then refuse to prosecute his Democrat offenders who perpetuated the fraudulent hoax thereafter?

A RINO (Republican In Name Only) is now a derogatory term for an infiltrator of the Republican party. Their apparent goal is undermining the party from within. They do this by supporting Democrat’s policies, voting against Republican candidates/positions, and/or spreading misinformation about the Republican Party.

The term “infiltrator RINO” is often used by Republicans who cannot explain or rationalize a position or vote they have taken publically. Thus far there have been few consequences for Republicans who vote against the wills of their Republican constituents. Many of the voters who identify with this party want to see the party political funding cut off from RINOs during subsequent election campaigns.

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy recently called out Republican Party Chair Ronna Romney-McDaniel to resign due to her lack of party leadership. The fact her uncle is anti-Trump RINO Mitt Romney (former Senator of Utah) does not help her chances of remaining in office either.

News Media Institutions

The legacy news media has also been infiltrated. Did you know the only broadcast news network to not carry “The House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack” during primetime was the Fox network? Did you now the other networks thereafter dropped their coverage due to a combination of viewer complaints and plummeting primetime ratings?

Interestingly, the two RINO Republicans of this committee are no longer in the House of Representatives after the GOP censured Liz Cheney (WY) and Adam Kinzinger (IL) due to public pressure by their constituents whom they failed to represent.

Justice Institution

Another example of infiltration is that of how liberal billionaire George Soros has involved himself in the strategic placement of district attorneys and justices of the court in some of our largest urban areas of the country. The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) offers:

“Soros prosecutors have jurisdiction over 72 million Americans including 25 of America’s 50 most populous cities and counties. Their power stretches from large urban centers to leafy suburbs and rural farming communities.”

The intent of these Soros funded people of our justice system seems to be to create chaos and anarchy rather than promote social justice and racial equity as they state publicly. Take for example the recent example of a woman who was mugged by a repeat offender in New York City’s subway system.

NYPD: Man arrested for shooting at attempted robber in Midtown subway station

This begs the question for the media and NYPD: What about the robber?

For the record, the robber was not shot and made a clean getaway to live to rob another day, presumably.

Another aspect of our justice system infiltrated has many people scratching their heads at the American Bar Association (ABA). Why is this professional board who is responsible for the licensing of America’s attorneys not actively threatening to disbar so many of these politically motivated prosecutors and judges involved in the 4 trials of former President Donald J. Trump? The cases are obvious examples of fraudulent prosecutorial malpractice. Yet the media perpetuates the hoaxes while the ABA remains oddly silent.

It is no longer a matter of supporting or opposing Donald J. Trump but rather a matter of sticking up for the rule of law and opposing the abuse of the rule of law.

Medical Institution

A last example of infiltration worth investigation is the relationship of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and American Medical Association (AMA) being funded by Big Pharma rather than taxpayer dollars and doctors as was done in the past.

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed both the incestuous relationship between the FDA and Big Pharma as well as Dr. Tony Fauci’s ability to threaten loss of medical licenses by way of the AMA of doctors not going along with the “Fauci Protocol” of treatment of Covid patients. The AMA should have been threatening Fauci for his tyrannical leadership and unwillingness to allow peer review of the supposed Covid “vaccines”.

The American Bar Association (ABA) should have also been threatening Fauci for his lack of patient “informed consent” forms for distribution of these “vaccines” to patients. This is another example of infiltration as any “hold harmless” agreement between Congress and Big Pharma for an emergency use (EU) drug distribution is null and void with any proof of fraud. An mRNA gene modification drug falsely promoted as a Covid-19 virus vaccine constitutes fraud.


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