December 2, 2023

Because I am a cynic about the media I like to keep up with Newsbusters. It is the single-best source for summarizing MSM bias. They often quantify what I don’t have the time to.


And quantify they did in this case. In examining the MSM reporting on the Israel-Hamas conflict they provided the receipts on something you and I have likely noticed but haven’t the resources to break down into specifics: the media’s reliance on Hamas sources.

Yes, you read that right: Two-thirds of all the reports from Gaza are bolstered with Hamas-linked sources, and in reality that is likely an understatement. After all, most of the “journalists” in Gaza are thinly-veiled Hamas spokesmen, some of whom were actually embedded with the Hamas terrorists as the committed their atrocities in Israel.

MRC analysts examined all evening newscasts from October 9 through November 9 on ABC, CBS, and NBC, taking note of every instance in which a reporter or anchor used Hamas as a source in their coverage. Of the 81 total broadcasts that were not preempted, 54 or exactly 66.7 percent contained at least one instance in which a journalist cited Hamas as a source.

There was near-exact parity among these networks in the frequency of their Hamas-sourced reports. All three cited the terrorist organization in 18 of their evening newscasts.


Two-thirds. And almost without fail these sources are presented as simply reporting facts. The “Gaza Health Ministry” is literally an arm of Hamas, yet they are routinely cited as if they were an independent agency with any credibility. It is absurd.

How often do you hear reports of hospitals running out of fuel? Throughout the war al Shifa has been “running out of fuel,” yet somehow they have kept the lights on except when it is convenient for them not to. There is a simple reason for that: Hamas has a huge amount of fuel that they are hoarding, and the “running out of fuel” narrative is perfect to keep ignorant Westerners feeling empathy despite its being bollocks.

This is how you get reports like the “Israeli air strike on hospital” story, which of course was proven to be a total lie. But the media keeps using Hamas sources because it fits their narrative, and of course it means that they get all sorts of dramatic footage from Gaza. If they didn’t toe the Hamas line they would be shut out, so they credulously report the most outlandish Hamas propaganda.

By now most media outlets have reported stories including video of “Mr. FAFO,” the Hamas crisis actor I have written about, and German TV exposed. He provides good video, so they use him while knowing he is a total fraud.


By now it is clear that the Left is fully on board with Hamas’ agenda, although there are more than a few Israel supporters interspersed among journalists. It is a losing battle for them, but at least they exist to provide a touch of balance.

But the bandwagon is moving in one direction, and providing Hamas breathing room is the goal. Without question 100% of journalists know that al Shifa is Hamas headquarters, because journalists have interviewed leaders there, and have seen Hamas roaming the halls. Yet we are led to believe that this is simply an Israeli assertion that is unproven, or propaganda.

It makes for a compelling story, and a compelling story is what generates views.