December 2, 2023

This story is so crazy that it can’t be ignored. It was one of those times when something so bizarre happened that it was hard to look away. Senator Markwayne Mullin was addressing the Teamsters President Sean O’Brien in a Senate HELP Committee hearing. It quickly went downhill when Mullin read out loud a tweet.


The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) generally considers matters relating to these issues.

It all started when Senator Mullin read a tweet posted by the Teamsters president last June as he ran for the Senate. Mullin has been in the office as the junior senator from Oklahoma since January 2023. The tweet was taken as a threat by O’Brien toward Mullin. And, just like that, Mullin challenged O’Brien to a fight. What?

Keep in mind that Mullin is a former mixed martial arts fighter. He has six children and they are learning mixed martial arts, too. So, maybe it was a natural thing for him to do as he was irritated over the tweet, but, c’mon. He’s a senator and he was in a hearing. He’s not supposed to take up a Teamster’s bait for a fight from a post on social media in a Senate hearing.

Senator Bernie Sanders had to break it up. Lol.


In what world is Bernie Sanders the voice of reason? In Biden’s America, I guess.

Naturally, the media reports are claiming that Mullin was acting like a tough guy. The tweet came from O’Brien, though, and Mullin held up copies of several others from O’Brien. There’s a history here. Mullin was just shining some light on it. After both agreed to settle the score right there, Mullin stood up but O’Brien did not. The bully wasn’t so brave in person, it seemed.

It was crazy. This is where we are in politics. Things get spicy. Let’s hope these two work out their differences using their words, not their fists. It isn’t often that Bernie Sanders looks like the reasonable person in an argument, yet, here we are.