December 6, 2023

Lots of folks were headed to Washington, D.C. this morning, to take part in a gathering to show support for Israel.


Some of the participants started with an early morning pray-in at the White House.

The contrast between supporters of Israel and the Hamas terrorist sympathizers couldn’t have been clearer.

The March for Israel turned out quite a crowd. Oh, this is glorious.

Amazingly, for the over 100,000 folks they estimate are attending, all you hear in the crowd is laughter and animated talking. How does that happen, huh?


The Israeli president spoke to the throngs via a video link.

Members of Congress spoke…

…and backed the Israeli government’s decisions to do whatever they felt they needed to do to eliminate Hamas.

Some who don’t speak so well were there anyway to show their support.


More crowd estimates are trending toward 200K with a nation-wide audience, and I have to say – the mall is packed to the gills in the middle of a workday. I also have to agree with Dave Marcus.

Real-life America stands with Israel.