December 3, 2023
WATCH: Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts TikTok as Communist Chinese Gov’t ‘Espionage’ Tool

WATCH: Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts TikTok as Communist Chinese Gov’t ‘Espionage’ Tool Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) unleashed a scathing rebuke against the communist Chinese government-tied TikTok app in a new interview with The Epoch Times.

Cruz ripped TikTok, calling it a tool of “espionage” designed to spy on its users during the Nov. 10 edition of Epoch TV’s American Thought Leaders podcast, “I think TikTok is profoundly dangerous,” Cruz declared. “The Chinese government has control over it [and] has access to the information; it’s an espionage tool; it’s designed to spy on Americans in particular. … It’s designed to push messages that are dangerous to Americans.”

Cruz, one of Congress’s toughest critics of TikTok, warned that the number of American children using TikTok is staggering and that the dangers are crystal clear, including exposure to potential drug abuse content and anti-Semitism.

“We see TikTok pushing to our kids’ self-harm, pushing substance abuse, pushing all sort of messages that are designed to destroy the children of America and the same is true with Hamas,” Cruz said. “They’re deliberately pushing pro-Hamas, pro-terrorist messages because, I think, China—China believes it’s engaged in a thousand-year war with the United States.”

The Texas senator also slammed lawmakers for failing to realize the disturbing dangers of TikTok.  “Far too many leaders in America don’t understand that that’s happening, much less fighting back,” Cruz said, before drawing attention to his new book, Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America (2023). “One of the things I explain in the book is [that] the Democrat Party is structurally pro-China.”

This would not mark the first time Cruz has lambasted TikTok. On Sept. 27, Cruz sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission calling on the federal agency to walk back an asinine plan to subsidize TikTok on school buses. The FCC plan, Cruz argued, offered the implementation of Wi-Fi routers on school buses, which would then in turn allow children to have unsupervised access to social media platforms.

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