December 3, 2023

So this happened at Louisiana Tech University yesterday morning.

At least four people stabbed at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston; suspect in custody

Four women were stabbed Monday morning on the campus of Louisiana Tech University in the north Louisiana city of Ruston in what university officials and local police said appeared to be a random attack by a student.

Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker said three of the four suffered serious injuries and were transported to a hospital in Shreveport. The university issued a statement saying campus police caught a suspect — a 23-year-old man —within minutes of the stabbings.

Ruston Police Chief Steve Rogers said the man was being booked into jail Monday afternoon after being treated for unspecified injuries. He was to be held on four counts of attempted second-degree murder, Rogers said at an afternoon news conference with Walker.

Rogers said the weapon believed to have been used was a folding knife with a blade estimated about four inches long.


“A man.” “The suspect.” Here we go again.

He was a student, who apparently went a little nuts stabbing women – just women – he encountered on campus, coming out of the swimming pool and wellness facilities.

A 23-year-old Louisiana Tech University student is in police custody for allegedly stabbing four people this morning as they were leaving classes at the university’s Lambright Sports & Wellness Center.

…The attack was random, Hermes said. The victims were attacked as they walked down the sidewalk on the east side of the intramural center near the outdoor swimming pool.

Johnson had reportedly been inside the building and ran out, encountering the victims in his path.

“It sounds like he ran up behind them and surprised them,” Hermes said.

According to a local news report – as well as mentioned by the sheriff during a press conference – Johnson has a history of mental health problems.


…Jacoby Johnson was a sophomore at Louisiana Tech University, majoring in computer science. He was originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and had a history of mental health issues, according to his family. He had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and he had been taking medication for his condition.

In the bloody chaos, there were a couple brave kids there who ran to the screams and may very well have saved lives.

In a harrowing incident at Louisiana Tech University’s Lambright Sports and Wellness Center on Monday, local resident and LA Tech student Colin Campbell demonstrated quick thinking and courage by swiftly transporting two injured women to the hospital. Oh, you love to hear it.

His father, Tracy Campbell of Minden, reported getting a message from Colin saying, “Dad, there’s been an attack on campus. I’m at the hospital, and I need y’all to come quick.”

The event unfolded shortly after 9 AM when reports of a stabbing incident surfaced at the campus facility. Colin, en route to his dorm, witnessed people fleeing the Lambright Center in distress. Sensing the urgency, he halted his vehicle and discovered two women with stab wounds, one in the throat. Without hesitation, Colin assisted them into his vehicle and drove them to the hospital, maintaining communication with emergency services throughout the transit.

Colin’s rapid response drew praise from Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), who noted that he surpassed the speed of an ambulance. Another student transported a third victim, contributing to the swift medical attention required.


God bless those kiddoes and rapid healing to Johnson’s victims, especially the lady who is in critical condition.

It does make you wonder, though. This was a mass stabbing by an unhinged person. They say they believe it was a crime of opportunity, not hate motivated – well, alright. That’s neither here nor there at the moment. Reports have it that Johnson’s going to be charged with 4 counts of 2d degree attempted murder in any event.

But it was still a mass attempted murder. Had Johnson had a gun for his weapon and was a lousy shot, not just the Black Student Union would be holding a vigil – every group on campus would be, and the national media would be there to cover it. Because GUN.

We watched national broadcasts last night and there was never a peep.

They keep calling it a “random act of violence.” Why is it worse with a gun than a knife?

I guess knife violence – however many victims and whoever gets slashed or stabbed – aren’t as newsworthy.