December 5, 2023

Wow. Unlike New York City cutting back on services city residents should be able to expect before migrants get anything, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has finally seen fit to lay the law down about these migranty people.


There are too many “migrants” in a city woefully unprepared to take care of itself and its residents, less mind handle an influx of foreigners everyone was happy to invite but no one really wanted or expected. Chicago has mucked it up royally, but as they weren’t exactly the land of milk and honey to begin with the results shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone but blue voters there.

It has, however, been so disappointing for a few of the illegals who got their bus ticket to Chicago that some of them have started packing up for the long trip home to places like Venezuela.

Migrant family journeys back to Venezuela, more leaving Chicago as winter looms: ‘The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore’

…But she did not have the same luck in the city that she once dreamed of visiting. The family went from sleeping on the floor of a police station, to a crowded shelter, to a house on the Far South Side, and then back to the floor of the police station after her stepfather Michael Castejon, 39, couldn’t afford the rent. He could not find a job that paid enough without a work permit, he said.

On Nov. 3, they set out to go back to Texas. And from there, they would go to Venezuela, the country they fled to seek asylum in the United States. They’re among the countless number of migrants who have chosen to leave Chicago in recent weeks in their search for a better life. They’re looking for warmer weather, more resources or to reunite with friends and family in other places.

The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore,” said Castejon as he laid on a blanket on the bare floor of the station the afternoon before they left. “There’s nothing here for us,” he added.


To be honest, most of his ‘American dream’ seemed to be built on “sponge off of hard-working Americans,” but hey! Dreams is dreams.

…His attempts to settle in the city failed. He said he never felt comfortable in a shelter, and that the hot meals, stipends and good jobs he’d heard about from other migrants never materialized. The father didn’t consider that once in the country, the family wouldn’t be granted asylum immediately and or even get a work permit while they wait.

“We didn’t know things would be this hard,” he said. “I thought the process was faster.”

Um…delighted to disappoint you? We already have too many of your type, and I’m not referring to skin hue, but intestinal fortitude. There used to be a uniquely red, white, and blue version.

Chicago native John Kass wasn’t feeling too badly about the Greyhound door hitting this milquetoast moocher in the asterisk, either.

…Your problem? You just didn’t have what it takes to be an American. Go home now. Go home.

What the old immigrants of decades and decades ago understood was that freedom is a dangerous thing. It can kill you. My ancestor’s have a saying, “Freedom or Death.” It is not a joke.

He couldn’t find what he was looking for. He did not find America’s streets paved with gold. He did not win the magical lottery ticket promising free stuff for life. He did not even become a Chicago Democrat with a cushy city desk job and soft hands and a six-figure pension.

But neither did my grandfathers.

When my grandfathers came to Chicago and survived their first winter, they slept in a barn. Greeks weren’t allowed to sleep indoors. They called us “dirty Greeks” and there were no sympathetic reporters to cry on. But then, Casteljon and the reporters interested in chronicling his needs and wants in 2023 weren’t all that concerned about my grandfathers who came here in the late 1800s.


Other “migrants” are busy wasting scarce resources because they’re bored.

A man faces felony charges for allegedly filing a false police report—claiming that his 10-year-old son was kidnapped at the Art Institute—because he wanted something to post on TikTok.

…Dispatchers provided detailed descriptions of the boy and the truck, but it all turned out to be a prank Gomez played to generate material for his TikTok account, according to his arrest report.

Chicago has pitched they’re going to be building some sort of migrant “tent city,” but in the meantime it looks as if city government is handing out tents for migrants to pitch all over whatever sidewalk space they can hammer a peg into.


The crux of the issue is it gets darn cold in Chicago. Sidewalk tents will blow over and away in those wild winds that come through. Chicago’s also known for blizzards that combine all the wonders of winter into one, fell event, and they normally happen several times a year.

And here, right at the start of winter, plans for the mayor’s tent city may have come to a screeching halt.

Plan for Chicago migrant tent camp in Morgan Park stalls near finish line

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s plans to use a vacant Jewel store and parking lot in Morgan Park to build a migrant tent camp hit an unexpected roadblock on Wednesday, as supporters agreed to delay a final City Council vote amid a heated debate.

No worries, city fathers – it’s only winter. You keep squabbling and planning away.

What are they going to do when migrants start looking like Jack Nicholson in a snowbank at a resort?

Brandon Johnson doesn’t care. He knows he has to say something, and fast. So he did. And it makes no sense at all.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson announced a new 60-day limit for shelter stays for migrants, similar to a rule in New York, in hopes of assuaging some public anxiety.

We are addressing the anxiety and fear that people have, whether you are a taxpayer or whether you are someone who is seeking asylum in the city of Chicago,” Johnson said.


That’s great, Yer Honor – where do they go?

We’re working on that – give us money.

“…Johnson was short on details about what would happen after those 60 days, but sources tell ABC7 migrants could be allowed to stay longer if they are taking steps to find housing and work.

Gov J.B. Pritzker announced a $160M cash infusion the very next day. Beaucoups bucks for the tent city no one wants in their neighborhood, so God knows when one will be built, a large “intake center” also not yet built, and lots of millions for those “other services” like money for the suburbs, etc.

All in the planning stages, with winter here, tents and tarps on the streets right now, and Mayor Johnson saying migrants have to hit the mean streets in February.

None of this can be said without mentioning the complete abandonment of Chicago’s lowliest citizens – the homeless and low-income citizens whose problems should take precedence over the very first “migrant’s”…and never have.

Plan, plan, plan, money, money, money, and bupkiss still.

What a cluster.

Give it a couple weeks to see how “get out” works out.

Betcha I’ve got a good idea already.