Food growing expert Marjory Wildcraft and the Health Ranger Mike Adams discussed how growing your own food can help you survive an engineered famine on the “Health Ranger Report.”

Over the last two years, more than 150 sabotage incidents of food facilities, distribution hubs, meatpacking plants and others have been recorded. The recent wildfires in Texas that impacted cattle and meat supply also attest to this.

This engineered famine is also happening in Europe. Dutch farmers have pushed back against these attempts to control food through regulations that are putting them out of business and bankrupting them. Farmers in other countries are also pushing back.

Adams noted that the Netherlands, Ireland, the United Kingdom and others are shutting down their farms under the globalist talking point of “reducing carbon emissions.” Meanwhile, Wildcraft pointed out that the globalist cult is coordinating and orchestrating this depopulation agenda by engineering famine and hunger.

Moreover, the founder and CEO of The Grow Network said the food supply is already being controlled by the nefarious entities behind this depopulation agenda. She continued that a lot of the food produced today isn’t actually edible or nutritious, as their agenda is to kill people and not make them healthy.

“We’ve all got to be ready because engineered famine is upon us. It’s being unleashed across Western Europe right now, and the early stages in the U.S. but it’s going to get a whole lot worse, including in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and so on,” the Health Ranger said.

“There is a global extermination agenda to depopulate the planet of human beings. That’s what’s underway. But it is easy to survive, I believe, with knowledge and skills. Wildcraft: The secret is in the SOIL

Adams then asked Wildcraft about her latest course called “Wartime Homefront Essential Skills,” which people can watch for free beginning March 30onBrighteon University. She replied that the presentations condense vital information that teaches people about how to grow half of their own food in their backyard. (Related:Food supply 101: How to grow food for your stockpile and be more self-sufficient.)

Aside from growing food, the course also teaches food preservation and foraging. It will also teach viewers how to grow and use 12 medicinal plants they can use to heal themselves.

Wildcraft also disclosed that those growing their own food need to have good soil, which she described as the key to good health. People don’t need to take multivitamins if they eat healthy, vibrant and nutritious food grown in good soil, she added.

“If you want the secret to a green thumb, it really is good soil,” she told Adams. “And the more nutrient-dense, alive and vibrant your soils are then the more nutrient-dense, alive and vibrant your plants will be. Your fruits, your vegetables or even the grasses or whatever you’re feeding your grazing animals.”

She ultimately said the engineered famine is scheduled and it is happening, and people must regain some sort of self-reliance in order to have a chance to survive it. Growing your own food is a perfect solution as it will get people through the famine, a fact proven throughout history as backyard food production has saved humanity many times.

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Watch the full conversation between Marjory Wildcraft and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

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