Super Tuesday’s results cemented Trump’s nomination for the GOP. All the anti-Trumpers, RINOs and democrat disruptors couldn’t halt Trump’s ascendancy. After all, Trump has already won two national elections, and thanks to the worsening problems of violent crime, inflation and the open borders invasion of America, Trump’s position moving into the general election is stronger than ever.

By all appearances, Trump is politically unstoppable. SCOTUS recently ruled that states’ attempt to maliciously ban from from their ballots is unconstitutional, and even the corrupt New York courts can’t halt his victories.

The American people are more hungry for Trump in 2024 than they were in 2016. After all, things are far worse across the country. In many blue cities run by Democrats, desperation has set in. And in border states impacted by the flood of illegals that the Biden regime is actively flying into the country by the hundreds of thousands, there is a sense that America cannot survive another term with traitorous Democrats in charge. If Trump doesn’t win, America will cease to exist at we know it

We have reached an existential moment for America. From the point of view of conservatives, if the Democrats can’t be removed from power in Washington D.C., there’s no option remaining but to declare secession and legally separate from the collapsing corpse of what was once a nation rooted in freedom, liberty and innovation. We are already seeing the early signs of this with Texas declaring its own legal right to defend its borders, even as the federal government demands Texas allow unlimited quantities of illegal invaders to cross into the state. Twenty-five additional states sided with Texas, thumbing their nose at the failed, treasonous Biden regime and its malicious actors such as Mayorkas (now impeached) and Nuland (now resigned).

If the Democrats manage to rig one more election, they will find themselves ruling over their own collapsing hellhole while the productive states of America (i.e. the red states that produce most of the food, energy, industry and more) will peel off and form their own new union, with their own new currency that will likely look a whole lot more like the new BRICS concept than the failed US dollar.

The blue states, run by treasonous criminals and crooks, would then be left to collapse upon themselves, ending in anarchy and mass refugees trying to flee.

Alternatively, if Trump is able to overcome the Democrats’ cheating, censorship and lawfare efforts, then America faces a scenario of outright chaos as left-wing groups revolt against Trump’s election victory and a Trump-directed federal government.

In this case, we are certain to see organized, well-funded uprisings from Antifa and other groups, all engineered to cause widespread chaos and collapse which will then be blamed on Trump. The “Russia collusion” hoax that was fabricated by the corrupt intelligence community during Trump’s first term will be seen as a cakewalk in comparison to what’s likely coming next. If Trump regains the White House, the raging, America-hating Left will wage an ultra-violent war of extremism and terrorism across America

We must anticipate a last-ditch, desperate effort by all the players who will be threatened by a Trump victory and Trump’s wide-ranging popular support: The intelligence community The deep state (the bureaucracy) Democrats Leftists LGBT activists, groomers and child traffickers Drug cartels who exploit the open border Left-leaning academia Big Tech and the censorship regime Big Media and the news cartels that despise America’s freedoms such as the First and Second Amendments Foreign state actors such as China, Iran and Russia, all of whom would rather see America weakened than strengthened

It has become obvious to those paying attention that the domestic actors listed above will stop at nothing to destroy the United States of America and bring the country to its knees. They despise the American flag, after all, and reel from any contact with the Constitution much like a demon being splattered with holy water. This means they are willing to do absolutely anything to destroy America if Trump is in charge, including: Widespread violent protests (that CNN will describe as “mostly peaceful”) which involve arson and assault on police, conservatives and government. Widespread burning of the American flag, toppling of historical statues and open assaults on Whites in democrat-dominated cities, which are already lawless chaos zones. Domestic infrastructure sabotage operations targeting bridges, energy refineries, pipelines, ports and the power grid (RELATED: See my recent interview with David Tice, producer of the “Grid Down, Power Up” documentary here). Coordinated assassination campaigns targeting Trump officials, Trump-supporting U.S. Senators, governors, US Supreme Court justices and other high-level officials. Specific targeting of oil industry executives, refineries, pipelines and energy infrastructure including power generation stations that feed the cities (yes, enraged Leftists will burn down their own infrastructure). This will also include open sabotage against the structural towers that hold up high-voltage power lines that transmit power from generation stations to down-voltage substations near the cities. These towers are particularly vulnerable to sabotage. Coordinated domestic terrorism attacks, waged by Leftists, against police stations, sheriff’s offices, patrol cars and government offices. The hunting down and attempted murder of influential conservatives. All-out warfare against rural America, which may include certain states (New York, California, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, etc.) confiscating food and fuel from farms and rural areas. The Left is already pushing the concept of “White Rural Rage” in order to justify demonizing rural Americans in a run-up to confiscating their farms and assets.

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Watch my important interview with David Tice, creator of “Grid Down, Power Up” here:


The upshot is that Americans must be prepared to find themselves living in an active war zone from the very moment Trump’s victory becomes obvious. Red states won’t wait for Washington to do something… they will activate law enforcement and armed citizens to defend themselves

Should this domestic uprising scenario unfold, states like Texas won’t simply wait around for Trump’s government to do something, as Trump’s hands will be tied by left-wing judges who will weaponize the judiciary against America (as we’ve already seen). Instead, states like Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and many others will declare their own emergencies and take immediate action to put down the violent uprising staged by the radical Left working with anti-American globalists. These actions at the state level will likely include: Declarations of states of emergency, followed by strict curfews in many cities. Deputizing large numbers of private, armed citizens to join with local law enforcement to defend communities against domestic terrorism. Declaring the universal, state-wide right for citizens to kill terrorists on site, in order to protect life and property across the state. Expect widespread legal immunity to be declared as the situation spills far outside the bounds of what law enforcement can even begin to handle. Aggressive border enforcement at the STATE level, meaning highway checkpoints on the main interstates, vehicle searches, weapons confiscations and more. Instant runs on guns, ammo, food and other preparedness / survival supplies. Financial chaos across the banking system, with huge outages of banking services, ATMs, food stamps, merchant services (credit cards) and similar. Expect to see many local retailers demand cash, gold or silver. (Related: See my interview with Jeremy Cordon, founder of Goldback, at this link.)

Essentially, things are about to get downright biblical. One of the best analysts who knows what this is going to look like is Matt Bracken. See my recent interview with him here. Michael Yon is also well aware of what’s coming to America, and he has repeatedly warned us to pay attention. Watch my most recent interview with Michael Yon here. Also pay attention Ann Vandersteel, Jeffrey Prather and many others who are featured on Brighteon.TV.

Get prepared. America is about to become a battle zone, as Steve Quayle and I accurately predicted over two years ago in this special warning report, “Battlefield America: 2022 – 2024.” Watch part one here:


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