The strongest earthquakes in 25 years just struck Taiwan a 7.5 followed by an immediate 7.4 destroying multiple buildings and leaving many dead or missing.

There have been nine confirmed deaths from the mega-quake pair, along with more than 900 injuries. Another 50 workers traveling in minibuses to a hotel in a national park remain missing.

The scene around Hualien, the epicenter of the quakes, was harrowing. Large buildings were seen tilted like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A tsunami warning was also issued as the quakes occurred offshore around 8 a.m., also triggering landslides throughout the area.

Many people lost their homes and have had to take up shelter in tents and other makeshift living arrangements. Emergency workers, meanwhile, are working overtime to assess the damage and find any remaining people who are missing or in need of rescue.

“The Uranus building behind us is a very badly damaged place,” commented Deputy Acting Chief of Hualien Fire Department Lee Lung-Sheng. “It is a building with one basement level and nine floors above ground. The first and second floors are now underground.” ?#BREAKING: Multiple buildings have collapsed after a Pair of Massive 7.5 Earthquakes Strikes Triggering Tsunami Warnings

?#Taipei | #Taiwan

Currently, a pair of powerful, massive earthquakes has just occurred. The first one measured a magnitude of 7.5, followed by a 7.4

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?#UPDATE: More video is emerging from Hualien Liyu Lake in Taiwan, shows violent shaking as live webcams capture the moment when the 7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes, followed by aftershocks measuring 7.4 and 6.5.

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Hualien city mayor Hsu Chen-Wei issued a statement that all residents and businesses in buildings that had either tilted or in some way settled dangerously following the quakes have been evacuated.

Officials are currently in the process of demolishing four badly damaged buildings as aftershocks continue.

“I’m afraid of aftershocks, and I don’t know how bad the shaking will be,” said a 52-year-old Hualien resident who shared her family name as Yu. This person is now having to stay in a shelter because her home was damaged.

The first earthquake struck at a depth of 9.6 miles, setting off emergency evacuation alarms and a tsunami warning for southern Japan and the Philippines that was later lifted.

The shaking was felt all around the island of Taiwan, including in the capital city of Taipei on the western side of the island opposite where the earthquakes occurred. For a brief time, Taipei’s subway system was closed due to the shaking.

In addition to the 50 missing workers aboard the national park minibuses, reports indicate that about 80 mining workers became trapped in a mining area, possibly inside a mine.

“This is the biggest earthquake I have ever experienced,” said a woman who runs a bed-and-breakfast accommodation in Hualien city, and who goes by the family name of Chen.

Speaking outside of a collapsed building in Hualien, President-elect Lai Ching-te said that the current top priority is to make sure that everyone still in need is rescued.

The White House here in the United States has also indicated that it is ready to provide any needed assistance as rescue and cleanup operations continue.

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