An anti-Israeli protestor has sparked horror after being photographed at George Washington University with a sign calling for the “final solution,” the Nazi plan to exterminate all Jews.

The unidentified man was seen mingling among students on the Washington, DC campus carrying a huge Palestinian flag — and the sign with the expression Adolf Hitler used to sum up his plan for the “annihilation of the Jews.”

The image quickly sparked outrage from many shocked at a symbol used during the holocaust.

“The parallels between this movement and actual Nazism is real and scary,” one X user wrote.

Another posted: “Just pure hatred.”

“Not a peaceful protest at all,” a third person wrote. A man can be seen holding a sign that reads “final solution” at the GWU protest. X / @zach_kessel

The image emerged as hundreds of anti-Israel protesters occupied George Washington University’s campus Thursday, one of many schools swamped by such action.

According to university’s newspaper, the GW Hatchet, students are “demanding that GW divests from companies tied to Israel, drop the alleged charges against pro-Palestinian student organizers and disclose all its endowments and investments.” 

Sent from @GWtweets: a man at the encampment carrying a sign that says Final Solution— Zach Kessel (@zach_kessel) April 25, 2024

The DMV Coalition of Students for Justice in Palestine claims to be the organizer of the protest Thursday, joining colleges across the country in protest, Fox 5 reports.

GW requested assistance from D.C. police to relocate the “unauthorized” protest, according to a statement from GW, adding that it “will not allow students from other local colleges or unaffiliated individuals to trespass on our campus.” 

“The encampment, unlike some demonstrations in the past, is an unauthorized use of university space at this location and violated several university policies,” said GW.

“Occupying campus grounds, establishing outdoor encampments, and blocking access to buildings create safety concerns and can disrupt learning and study, especially during this critical final exam period.

“Such activities are inconsistent with the universitys mission, values, and commitment to providing a safe environment for all students and employees.”