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May 1, 2024

A popular actor recently unleashed on the Bible, God, and religion, calling faith a figment of people’s imaginations and critiquing the impact of religion on society.

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“Succession” star Brian Cox called the Bible “one of the worst books ever” and said those who believe the Adam and Eve narrative are “stupid” in a recent episode of “The Starting Line” podcast.

Cox, 77, even seemed to allege so-called patriarchal issues have been sparked, in part, by the Bible’s Genesis narrative.

“It’s Adam and Eve …. I mean, the propaganda goes [right] the way back,” he said. “The Bible is one of the worst books ever, for me, from my point of view, because it starts with the idea that … out of Adam’s rib, this woman was created, and they’ll believe it, because they’re stupid enough.”

The actor then contended the story is “mythology,” offering his assessment of why he believes God and religion have been “created.”

“Weve created that idea of God, and weve created it as a control issue,” Cox continued. “And its also a patriarchal issue and its essentially patriarchal we havent given enough scope to the matriarchy.”

The actor flatly pushed back against the idea there’s a loving God caring for humankind.

“It’s all about this notion of God the idea that theres a God that takes care of us all,” Cox continued. “Theres no such thing, doesnt happen; thats not what its about. Its about us.”

In the end, Cox concluded religion has led to cultural horror.

The actor seemed to indicate a thinking populace would move away from religion and blamed negative movements on poor belief systems. But the reality is: sin creates such problems, separating people from one another and, most importantly, from God.

The biblical narrative, while dismissed in this interview, is the only explanation that makes sense of human creation, sin, the human condition, and the world around us.

It is the very solution to the issues raised by Cox. Notably, the interview did not raise anything new, as atheists and secularists have long made such claims and arguments.

But here’s why it matters: As Christians, we must be ready to respond when we hear people offer such reasoning. And we must also take the time to pray for Cox and those he influences to discover the love of Christ.

You can watch what Cox had to say here (caution: strong language).

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