Elon Musks X could soon unveil a feature putting it head-to-head with TikTok and Instagram Reels. 

The company is prepping the launch of a feature where X users will be served a stream of videos both short snippets and longer-form videos, depending on their interests, a source told The Post. 

Sources at X described it as a way to highlight the video content that users are sharing and creating and organize it under one tab. A beta version is expected to be available to a select group of users later this summer.

Musk has wanted to launch an updated version of Vine, the former 10-second video app which was once integrated into Twitter, since he bought the social media platform in October 2022.

In April, Musk asked his 186 million followers whether he should bring back Vine and nearly 70% of respondents voted yes.

Vine was taken into consideration with this, one source said of the decision to launch a video platform inside Twitter. The goal is to bring back that cool video experience.

At its height, Vine had 200 million users and started viral trends like the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS research.

But Twitter failed to monetize Vine and the app was shuttered in 2017.

If the TikTok ban signed into law earlier this year goes into effect, millions of Americans may be looking for more platforms to share their videos which could bring them to X.

The new product will also include a live streaming video element, a service users havent had since Twitter shut down Periscope in 2021, the source added.

That feature would be separate from the existing audio spaces where users can have live chats with other X users and broadcast it to followers.

X sources are hoping a new Vine-inspired concept could also make money if users buy services like subscriptions and “verification.” X now makes nearly 25% of its income from selling subscriptions and licensing data.

The move is part of a larger effort from X CEO Linda Yaccarino to expand the platform’s exclusive content, which also includes attracting popular personalities and striking deals with major sports and media companies.

The company has signed deals with the WWE, PGA, NBA, Cond Nast, NFL and the WNBA to create exclusive content for X.

The social media giant is also producing a long-form documentary about the Boston Celtics, sources said.

It has also brought in names like celebrity businesswoman Paris Hilton, sports broadcaster Jim Rome, and former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard to create exclusive posts for X. 

And the company is trying to attract smaller names with niche followings by sharing revenue with some creators on the platform.

X is becoming a new video destination, the source said.

At the same time, X is gearing up to launch an app for smart TVs to make it easier to watch longer videos on a bigger screen, a source with direct knowledge told The Post.

The X TV app, which is still being developed, is expected to be available later this summer.