Food prices at Disney World in Florida have skyrocketed by an average of 61% over the past decade — nearly twice the rate of inflation over that time, according to a study.

The cost of tickets, meanwhile, have spiked by an average of 56% over the past 10 years, the study found, but it’s the inflated price of popular treats like corn dog nuggets and Mickey ice cream bars that has caused more than just stomachs to grumble at the “Most Magical Place on Earth.”

The most egregious increase can be found at the Asian eatery Sanaa, according to FinanceBuzz, which tracked the cost of 10 iconic menu items at Disney’s theme parks in Orlando over the past decade.

Located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Sanaa bread service has soared 120% since 2014, nearly four times the 32% rate of inflation over that span.

The five pieces of bread and nine different dips and sauces, cost $22, compared with $9.99 a decade ago, FinanceBuzz found.

The price of corn dog nuggets, the snack sold at Casey’s Corner along with a side of cheese sauce, is 116% higher — selling for $10.79 this year, compared with $4.99 in 2014.

Other popular treats that have outpaced inflation over the past 10 years include the Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream bars, which are 63% costlier, churros (54%), fish and chips at Epcot (50%), and turkey legs (39%).

Mickey waffles were the only popular snack whose prices stayed below the rate of real-world inflation, according to the study.

Since 2014, the prices of Mickey waffles have risen by 30% — from $4.99 a decade ago to $6.49 today.

The Post has sought comment from the Walt Disney Company.

A recent review by Bloomberg News found that a typical family of four can wind up spending at least $4,280 for a week-long stay.

The sum takes into account food, hotel, parking tickets and admission into the theme parks — the prices of which are on a sliding scale depending on when the trips are taken.

Some tickets that cost $99 a decade ago, are now $189 — a 91% increase.

Aside from higher ticket prices, Disney fans have long complained about the rising food prices.

In December, travel agent Kaitlin LeBeouf paid $70 for a bowl of frosted flakes for her four-year-old daughter as they sat down to dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table resort restaurant.

One fed-up Disney theme park goers griped on Reddit about having to spend $500 on food and drinks for three days at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

Another Redditor wrote: “We’ve been visiting 3-5 times a year for the past 15 years. Love WDW so much. But it’s now $200+ every time we sit down to eat.”

The person added that he and his family “might just need to go off property more to eat.”

Last September, Disney jacked up food prices again.

According to Inside The Magic Kingdom, Disney hiked the price of its Baby Gem Caesar salad from $23 to $25.

A Blue Iceberg salad sets visitors back $24 — up from $22 — while a Crispy Calamari appetizer costs $28 — up from $26, according to the blog.