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June 17, 2024

A Texas couple were shocked Saturday while out for a family walk to discover an abandoned newborn baby with her umbilical cord still attached a discovery that shook them to their core.

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Daniela Fedele told KHOU-TV that she and her husband noticed a towel on the ground as her 3-year-old biked toward it and immediately realized a baby was wrapped inside.

“I noticed two little feet moving and then my husband was right behind me with the dogs, and I yelled to my husband,” she said. “I’m like, ‘A baby, a baby!’ And then my husband [was] like, ‘Call 911! Call 911!’ And that’s what we did.”

They immediately moved the baby out of the heat and into a shaded area while waiting for police. Fedele said she’s in shock over the ordeal, and is struggling to understand why someone would leave the child.

Watch the shocking moment the family found the baby:

“This image has been going on through my head so many times, and this is, like, how can you do that?” she said. “I was shocked, I was mad, I was upset.”

Ultimately, Fedele said she’s grateful her family went for a walk and discovered the baby.

Update: we need your help! We are seeking info about a young Hispanic or White male, slim, fair complexion with black hair, that was holding the infant wrapped in a towel. He was wearing a black shirt, possibly gray pants. The male was on foot on the Plantation
1/2— Ed Gonzalez (@SheriffEd_HCSO) June 15, 2024

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed the news in a June 15 posting on X. He also spoke about the baby’s well-being, stating the child was in “good” condition and had been sent to a hospital.

“Adjacent to a bayou, a pre-mature infant girl still with umbilical cord attached, was discovered abandoned and wrapped in a blanket,” he wrote.

Authorities said the baby was “freshly born” before being found.

Gonzalez asked the public for help in finding information on a “a young Hispanic or White male, slim, fair complexion with black hair” who is said to have been holding the infant before the baby was abandoned.

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