High-performance automaker Bugatti has unveiled its next-generation hyper sports car, the Tourbillon, its successor to the Chiron.

The French luxury car manufacturer said it named the new model after a watchmaking invention made by a Swiss-born “genius” living in France in 1801, describing it as “A completely original creation without compare, it is both complex and beautiful, helping to counteract the effects of gravity on a watch to ensure more consistent time-keeping,” and that “over 200 years later it is still revered as the pinnacle of watchmaking.”

The 2027 Tourbillon is a hybrid vehicle with 1,800 horsepower, drawing 1,000 hp from its 8.3-liter V16 combustion engine and 800 hp from its two electric motors. 

According to MotorTrend, the Tourbillon’s top speed is 227 mph, though the publication speculates Bugatti “targets 300 mph to bring it in line with the Chiron Super Sport 300+” either with a software update or in future variants.

The vehicle has a digital screen that is hidden from view until the touchscreen is deployed from the center console, which is a blend of crystal glass and aluminum.

Bugatti is taking orders for Tourbillons now, for delivery in 2026. 

Only 250 models will be built, and buyers can pick one up for a cool 3.9 million euros, which is more than $4 million.

“The Tourbillon had to be incomparable in every respect. Our philosophy has been to take any single aspect of Chiron and elevate it, looking for elegant and sophisticated engineering solutions and new technologies to deliver a timeless masterpiece,” Bugatti CTO Emilio Scervo said in a statement.

“We wanted someone to be able to take any piece of this car, from inside, outside or under the skin, and believe that it could be placed in an art gallery,” he added.

“The result is a car which is beautiful inside and outside, the most powerful Bugatti to date which simultaneously elevates mechanical fascination and technical beauty to a whole new level.”