I have a boss who always makes sexist comments, but he is also very supportive of me and has never acted inappropriately. However, the comments are wearing me down. I have tried talking to him but he just doesnt see why his biased comments on gender and such like are problematic. Am I overreacting? Nobody else seems to mind it.

Just because no one else has spoken to you or complained about how they feel about the bosss comments doesnt mean that they dont mind. Most people are afraid to speak up for fear of reprisal, particularly if the comments are not directed at them.

But turning a deaf ear to inappropriate comments just because they arent directed at you is not being a good colleague nor helpful to others or the company. And it is affecting you.

So you have a responsibility to say something to your boss.

If you have tried that and the behavior hasnt changed, now is the time to escalate your concerns in the manner consistent with the companys policy for such events.

I love my job but I havent had anything but a measly pay raise in years. With inflation, Im getting less than ever. Ive tried asking, but am told its not in the budget. How long should I put up with this? Should I leave?

How much of a price do you put on happiness, or love? If I told you that you could make 10% more in another job but you wouldnt love your job as you do now, would you take it?

This is a personal decision, obviously, but the majority of people are unhappy with their boss or job, according to every survey everywhere, and many people are putting happiness at work above compensation.

First, talk to your boss about what you can do to earn a raise at the job you love before leaping into the unknown. Most annual merit raises are not based on inflation.

Since the average raise in corporate America is about 4%, employees were doing well when inflation was 1% and are only now having a harder time keeping up with inflation highs.

So I am not sure that you are going to find it different anywhere else and you may not love it either.

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