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March 27, 2024

One young Baltimore native miraculously and unwittingly survived the catastrophic Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse by a mere three minutes.

Jen Woof told The Telegraph her son, Jayden, was with his girlfriend on the north side of the river. But, after an argument, the pair decided to go their separate ways for the night, which meant Jayden had to cross the bridge back home.

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Having second thoughts and feeling remorse for how he had acted the 20-year-old crossed the bridge, heading to his house, only to turn around, moving back in his girlfriend’s direction. Still frustrated, though, she sent him back the other way.

It was his third consecutive crossing of the 1.6-mile bridge that happened merely three minutes before the entire structure collapsed in a matter of seconds.

Woof said her son was almost to their house when he received a text from his girlfriend, asking him if he was OK.

“He thought she was texting because they were arguing, and she said the bridge had collapsed,” Woof told the newspaper. “He came into my house, frantically panicking and yelling for me and showing me a video.”

The bridge, opened in March 1977, collapsed at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, when a cargo ship smashed into one of its structural beams after the vessel briefly lost power. Six construction workers are presumed dead after they fell into the water as a result of the tragic accident.

As CBN News reported, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) said he met and prayed with the families of the victims.

“We’ve had a chance to spend time earlier today with the families, and they are remarkable,” he said. “They are prayerful people, and we had the chance to pray with them we had a chance to pray for them. And we want to let them know that we are going to keep on praying for them and not just us, but they have got 6.3 million people, and they’ve got a whole country and a whole world, who’s praying for their peace.”

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